The Resume

How I got from there to here.


The Flatiron School

Full stack web development, online program

Through her work with her current company, Mariel learned about the critical importance of technology companies and cyber security to our national security, and saw how quickly the development of related policy is moving. Her interest piqued, she began learning about software and current technology issues, if only to be more familiar with work of the firm’s clients. One thing led to another, and she started teaching herself to code in July 2018.

Realizing that coding combines all of her favorite things - writing, art, craft projects, building things, helping others - she fell in love and found a career path that has opportunities to utilize her best skills to help the most people, whether it’s developing an app to make someone’s daily life a little easier, creating a game to help someone relieve stress, or working on something to help keep people safe.

She began study at Flatiron in November 2018 and is expected to finish the online full stack web-development program in the fall of 2019. From there? Adventure is out there.

2018 - present

2015 - present

Director of Operations

J.A. Green & Company, Washington, DC

Mariel chose to pursue policy work in National Defense, returning to the area she focused on as an undergraduate. Her family has a long history of military service and her grandfather spent a lifetime as a legislator, focused on doing as much good as he could for as long as he could.

During her time with the firm, Mariel has managed staff operations and business affairs while also applying experience as a litigator and editor to review and draft a variety of communications for clients. She analyzes defense policy, provides budget analysis, and assists with legislative drafting. Her efforts go toward supporting small businesses and government accountability, and helping business owners be good advocates.

2014 - 2014

Criminal Defense Attorney

Tyler Flood & Associates, Houston, TX

Mariel left the district attorney’s office for a contract position as a criminal defense attorney, with a focus on intoxication offenses. Her duties included research and briefing of evidentiary and legal issues; freedom of information act requests and scene investigations; daily court appearances and communication with clients; and assisting the firm owner with docket management. At the conclusion of her contract, Mariel chose to leave the practice of law to pursue work in public policy. She saw policy work as an opportunity to use her advocacy skills to make broad changes to help even more people.

2012 - 2014

Assistant District Attorney

Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Houston, TX

During her time as an Assistant District Attorney, Mariel handled the prosecution of all degrees of criminal offenses. She was assigned to: Asset Forfeiture, Justice of the Peace, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, and Felony. Her regular duties included plea negotiation; first-chair trial of cases before judge or jury, including voir dire; witness preparation and all motion practice; communication with law enforcement; and guiding further investigation when necessary. During this time, Mariel honed her skills as a negotiator and a leader, developing soft skills that would only prove even more useful in the future.


The University of Texas School of Law

Austin, TX

Mariel took foundational courses in law, followed by a focus on trial advocacy and criminal law. During the summers, she interned at Lone Star Legal Aid and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office (HCDAO), both in Houston. From a family with a history of public service, Mariel wanted to apply her legal education to helping those who need it most and serving her community. After taking the bar exam, Mariel returned to the HCDAO and remained there until 2014.


Texas A&M University

college station, tx

Mariel began study at Texas A&M University (A&M) as business major, but transferred to the engineering department. The daughter of an engineer, Mariel wanted to pursue a career building things to help others. It was not meant to be at that time, and she later graduated from A&M with a B.S. in Political Science and a minor in East Asian Studies. Inspired by her father and grandfathers, all veterans, her focus was on war, strategy, and national security. After graduation, she began law school.