My first project assignment was to create a CLI gem that scraped information from a live website.



January 31, 2019




For this project, I built a Ruby gem that provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) to an external data source. The CLI is composed of an Object Oriented Ruby application. 

I learned a lot during this exercise; it was the first time I used github on my own, and the first time I’ve created a program since college. My biggest goal for improvement next time is cleaner commit messages and more frequent commits.


What we’ve accomplished:



Provided a CLI, which provides access to data from a web page that goes at least one level deep.



Used good OO design patterns by creating a collection of objects (not hashes) to store data.



Applied the concepts we’ve learned so far, including object orientation, classes v. instances, self methods, object models and relationships, metaprogramming, and scraping.