Why am I here?

After learning how critical software development and cyber security are to our national defense, I began learning more about the field to better understand what our clients do. I realized how quickly things are moving, how fast the policy is changing and developing, and I started to read as much as I could.

Soon, my curiosity got the better of me and I wondered: can I do that? I’d wanted to be an engineer in college, but at 18 I didn’t know myself well enough or know how to study well enough and I ended up leaving the program. The fomo never really went away, and I thought: I’m 31, I passed 2 bar exams, I’ve tried cases in court, I’ve learned so many things on my own…I can figure this out.

The first time I changed a heading's wording with some basic HTML I was hooked. I WAS ABLE TO TALK TO COMPUTERS. I COULD TELL A COMPUTER WHAT TO DO. I COULD LEARN HOW TO BUILD THINGS MAYBE PROBABLY. ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE. Then I changed the heading color and I could barely handle the excitement.

High on my newfound power over computers, I started devouring as much material as I could and started working through lessons both via Flatiron's boot camp prep, SoloLearn, and Free Code Camp. I eventually applied for Flatiron's online part-time web development boot camp and I began that course of study on November 26, 2018.

I am here because I took the time to explore what this field would be like, talk to people who are in it, and expose myself to material I'd be responsible for learning. I’m here because I realized it combines all of my favorite things - logic problems, art, writing, editing, communicating - and lets me use all of those parts of my brain. I'm here because I want to be.

I'm here because of the possibilities. I'm here because of what I can learn and what code can do. I'm here because I still want to change the world, and code changes the world for people every single day. 

I can do this, and I am excited to put all of my skills to work to make it happen.