200 Days of Code: 6 - 10

This past weekend I finished up the first part of our Sinatra material, working with Sinatra and forms and getting the files to all talk to each other correctly.

Tonight I worked with my technical coach to practice what our next project will look like. I AM EXCITED TBH.

I was scared of our first project. It was kind of like the first time you ride a bike without training wheels: could be fun, could be death. And then you smack into the side of your dad's truck and fall down and it's fine.

And by you I mean me. I definitely did that.

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My First Project!

I am exhausted. My brain is toast. I would come home from work, eat a quick dinner, and go to my study spot where I'd work until midnight or so. This worked a lot better when I was 21 and full of YOUTH. Right now I am very excited to get a good night's sleep.

But, I'm really, really glad we did this. I learned so much so quickly, and to be honest I am still surprised by just how much information I've absorbed since we started at the end of November. THE BRAIN IS AMAZING.

Now that we've made one, I think I could figure out how to make another one. Maybe. But I am definitely (1) still excited about learning to code, (2) still having fun even when it's hard, and (3) so grateful for everything.

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