200 Days of Code: 6 - 10

This past weekend I finished up the first part of our Sinatra material, working with Sinatra and forms and getting the files to all talk to each other correctly.

Tonight I worked with my technical coach to practice what our next project will look like. I AM EXCITED TBH.

I was scared of our first project. It was kind of like the first time you ride a bike without training wheels: could be fun, could be death. And then you smack into the side of your dad's truck and fall down and it's fine.

And by you I mean me. I definitely did that.

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200 Days of Code: Day 4

Today was a little better. It was long, but better.

I spent more time working through our Sinatra material and finished up the MVC Forms section.

This part of it has been going pretty quickly, compared to the Rack material I did. I'm wondering if it's because having done that, I've seen a bit of it before, or if it's just actually simpler?

I'm enjoying piecing together a website and the different files required. It's a bit like putting a craft project together after working on the individual pieces, or hearing a choral piece performed after you've spent months working on each part individually. I like building things and creating things and making things.

I'm hoping this weekend I'll have the brainpower left to write about one or two of the things we've covered and maybe put together a how-to or three to walk through some of the things that took me longer to understand, both for my own future reference and to hopefully help another n00b someday.

For now, I'm just trying to get through our required material so we'll see how tomorrow and Friday go.