200 Days of Code: 6 - 10

This past weekend I finished up the first part of our Sinatra material, working with Sinatra and forms and getting the files to all talk to each other correctly.

Tonight I worked with my technical coach to practice what our next project will look like. I AM EXCITED TBH.

I was scared of our first project. It was kind of like the first time you ride a bike without training wheels: could be fun, could be death. And then you smack into the side of your dad's truck and fall down and it's fine.

And by you I mean me. I definitely did that.

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200 Days of Code: Day 4

Today was a little better. It was long, but better.

I spent more time working through our Sinatra material and finished up the MVC Forms section.

This part of it has been going pretty quickly, compared to the Rack material I did. I'm wondering if it's because having done that, I've seen a bit of it before, or if it's just actually simpler?

I'm enjoying piecing together a website and the different files required. It's a bit like putting a craft project together after working on the individual pieces, or hearing a choral piece performed after you've spent months working on each part individually. I like building things and creating things and making things.

I'm hoping this weekend I'll have the brainpower left to write about one or two of the things we've covered and maybe put together a how-to or three to walk through some of the things that took me longer to understand, both for my own future reference and to hopefully help another n00b someday.

For now, I'm just trying to get through our required material so we'll see how tomorrow and Friday go.

200 Days of Code: Day 3

I just realized it's almost midnight and I don't want to lose my streak so here we are.

Today I finished some more CSS lessons and then in the evening I had my meeting with my cohort lead, who is great. I hadn't started our Sinatra unit yet, so technically I was behind oops (vacation + a week of being sick will do that womp), but we were able to get through a lab pretty easily because I had done the Rack material.

What we're working on now is the most exciting part so far because we've learned enough to start to actually put things together. That being said, it's also been slow going because it's a lot of new material and new vocabulary. I always had a very simple idea of how the internet worked (clients talking to servers, making requests) but our current material is getting into the weeds so I have to make sure I move deliberately.

I really appreciate that we go through all of the foundations and basics for each piece that we learn before we move up a level of abstraction. In a college physics course I took, our professor taught us a formula and said the rest that we'd need for that semester could be derived from it. Don't ask me what they were - I ended up with a B.S. in political science - but I remember the idea: learning the fundamentals once, instead of learning a bunch of derivatives over and over. I'm okay with moving slowly now so that I appreciate how things like Rails work and so I have a better idea re: what I'm doing and how I want to do it in the future. Alternately: I suppose I'm okay doing these exercises now to make a marathon in the future less painful.

(Except I don't enjoy exercise and I assume a marathon will always be pretty painful.)

200 Days of Code: Day 2

The last few days, I've been working my way through the HTML/CSS/Rack "bonus" material, since I know I need to know it one way or another.

I went through FreeCodeCamp's HTML/CSS course last summer when I was deciding whether this is something I enjoyed or not, so luckily a lot of the HTML/CSS is review. (But really - FreeCodeCamp is delightful.)

The Rack portions were challenging since it's the first time I've learned how a website is made from scratch and made to talk to the user. I'm currently exhausted but it's probably a good idea for me to write down what I learned at some point.

We've been working through the lessons with a code-along for a real-estate website. Some portions are really a code-along, and some are done with labs and local tests. I'm actually really enjoying it; it's been satisfying to see how it's growing and to learn how to add pieces properly.

My dad's an engineer and growing up I heard pretty often: "proper preparation prevents piss poor performance." I want to make sure that I continue to learn to do things correctly, even though at first it's going slowly.

Right now I am ready for bed. I didn't get much sleep last night and tomorrow is going to be a long day at work. Sometimes you have to know when it's time to give up for the day. But! This is my first time actually following through on my "write a note each day" plan so that's exciting.

One day at a time.

200 Days of Code: Day 1

So obviously my new year's resolution has been a fail. I keep thinking about writing, and then I don't, either because I get busy doing something else or I don't feel like what I have is worth sharing.

But, I know that's wrong and also not good if I am supposed to be in the habit of explaining my work and talking about what I'm learning.

I follow the #100DaysofCode hashtag on twitter and it occurred to me: maybe I'll just count the days between now and when I'm done with school and do X days of code.

So, assuming I'm done 10 months from when I started, today happens to make it exactly 200 days until we're done (not including the last day).

If all else fails, I can at least write about what I worked on during the day and what I learned. BABY STEPS.

We can do this.

I'm Pasta Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome: a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

I'm Pasta Syndrome: a thing I just made up that I have decided means shouting "I'M PASTA" and hoping nobody realizes you aren't. Like imposter syndrome, but more ridiculous, because in this case you would be an imposter but we all know that can't be true because deep in your heart you know you are indeed made of delicious starchy carbs.

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Why am I here?

The first time I changed a heading's wording with some basic HTML I was hooked. I WAS ABLE TO TALK TO COMPUTERS. I COULD TELL A COMPUTER WHAT TO DO. I COULD LEARN HOW TO BUILD THINGS MAYBE PROBABLY. ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE. Then I changed the heading color and I could barely handle the excitement.

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