Creating the Bones of a New Project

Step one of creating my Sinatra project was running Corneal to get my files in place and do my initial Github commit. I’m going to do my best to write this and subsequent posts in a way that would have been helpful for me when I was blindly googling for something that would help me understand things.

In this post I’m going to cover Corneal, which is a Ruby gem. What is it? What’s a Ruby gem? What does it do?

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Stringing Us Along

Today we are going to talk about strings, specifically in Ruby: What are they? How do I make them? What can I do with them? By the end, both of us should have a lot of good information in one place so we don’t have to hunt for it later.

What is a string?
A string, at its most fundamental level, is a collection of bits and bytes. At a people-level, it’s the letters and other characters we use to make sentences. When I think of strings, I think of sentences first. Strings can be a lot of things: a letter, a punctuation mark, a space, jibberish — but it’s code that doesn’t represent something else, unlike a variable or a class.

For example:

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