200 Days of Code: Day 1

So obviously my new year's resolution has been a fail. I keep thinking about writing, and then I don't, either because I get busy doing something else or I don't feel like what I have is worth sharing.

But, I know that's wrong and also not good if I am supposed to be in the habit of explaining my work and talking about what I'm learning.

I follow the #100DaysofCode hashtag on twitter and it occurred to me: maybe I'll just count the days between now and when I'm done with school and do X days of code.

So, assuming I'm done 10 months from when I started, today happens to make it exactly 200 days until we're done (not including the last day).

If all else fails, I can at least write about what I worked on during the day and what I learned. BABY STEPS.

We can do this.