200 Days of Code: 6 - 10

My streak failed.

Friday I was exhausted and forgot about it, Saturday ???, Sunday went to bed earlyish. Last night I was at work until 10 womp.


This past weekend I finished up the first part of our Sinatra material, working with Sinatra and forms and getting the files to all talk to each other correctly.

Tonight I worked with my technical coach to practice what our next project will look like. I AM EXCITED TBH.

I was scared of our first project. It was kind of like the first time you ride a bike without training wheels: could be fun, could be death. And then you smack into the side of your dad's truck and fall down and it's fine.

And by you I mean me. I definitely did that.

This project feels more fun, and I'm excited to take an idea and turn it into a real thing. Code is like crafting, but better a little bit because when you're making art you can't go back to the last save if you screw up.

I'm not sure what my project will be about yet. Probably dogs. I told my boyfriend the other night all of my projects are going to end up having to do with dogs and my portfolio is either going to be awesome or just very strange.

Or both who knows. But I work hard so my dog can have a better life.

Tonight I've started our material on sessions and cookies and from here I'll be moving on to the last bits of material we have before our projects start.

Every time I read about cookies I just think of Cookie Monster because SAME. I love cookies I am a cookie monster. I can't be allowed to go within 1000 feet of a girl scout cookie table because SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Sometime this week I will come up with a topic I'd like to explain because I need the practice, I need to write a post for school, and lbh I'll probably need to refer to it later.

Maybe tomorrow night my goal can be to write down what I've started putting together for my project.